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Business Email Solutions Features

Manage your email, calendars and contacts anywhere

Managing email, calendars and contacts is made simple with Open-Xchange. Common tasks such as receiving, sending email, creating appointments and managing address book contacts take place in one user interface (UI). This enables users to work anywhere in the world from any device that can connect to the internet.

Open-Xchange webmail client


   Webmail in Open-Xchange

Adding email accounts to Open-Xchange does not require any modification to the mail server settings. Simply connect to any IMAP supported mail account from the UI. Support for popular web based email services such as Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail comes as standard.

Access all your files online in the Infostore

The infostore is an online repository for all your files. This utility enables users to access the latest version of their files from any device anywhere in the world. It also makes it possible to work in collaboration with other Open-Xchange users - for example colleagues, clients, friends and family.

Open-Xchange infostore 

 Infostore in Open-Xchange

Files are stored securely online where they can be colour coded and organized into folders. Each file can be sent as an email attachment or shared with a link directly to the file or folder. You can also access these files from your desktop within the native UI in Mac Os, Windows and Linux.

Communicate with your social networks

In Open-Xchange it is possible to connect directly with your favourite social networks. A great feature is the ability to add connections from your social networks  to the address book in Open-Xchange. The following services are supported:

Supported external services

Connect with your mobile devices

Open-Xchange supports all major mobile operating systems including iOS, Blackberry, Symbian S60, Windows Mobile 6.x and Android. Users can access their email, organize meetings and tasks, accept invitations and manage contacts from their mobile devices.

Supported mobile devices


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